Customer Base:
12.3 Million authorized shoppers, consisting of: Active Duty,
Reservists, National Guard, Retirees, and their Dependents

Market Sales:
$11.4 Billion in global sales
Number Retail Doors: 500+ located within 18 countries

Unique Qualities:
1. Oversight: House Armed Services Committee, U.S. Congress

2. Market backed by the U.S. Government: limited accounts
    receivable challenges (no credit apps required)

3. Clean channel of distribution (no product diversion)

4. Market is exempt from Robinson Pattman and Sarbanes-Oxley Acts

5. Merchandise can potentially ship globally via CONUS POE’s

6. No State Sales Tax is charged for any consumer purchases

7. Merchandise is sold at an average of 15-20% under those prices offered to consumers by alternative retail channels of trade, as is mission of the Exchange Services

8. Exchanges are exempt from compliance to MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) resale policies.